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Michael Gandolfi: Weird science [Creative Loafing]

Eclectic composer grows a cosmic garden

by Mark Gresham | 16 May 2007, Creative Loafing-Atlanta

COSMIC SLOP: Michael Gandolfi (credit: Peggy Friedland)

COSMIC SLOP: Michael Gandolfi (credit: Peggy Friedland)

Amid the rolling farmlands of southwest Scotland lies a remarkable, magical, mystical garden. Spread over 30 acres of winding, terraced earthen berms and clear blue lakes are a curious array of crisscrossing staircases, whimsically nonsensical structures and looping metal sculptures. They act as expansive, physical and visual metaphors for the challenging, frequently misunderstood concepts of contemporary physics. … • READ MORE on Creative Loafing-Atlanta