Locked-out Atlanta Symphony musicians picket Woodruff Arts Center

by Mark Gresham | 8 Sep 2014

Locked out at the stroke of midnight on Saturday night, early this morning the musicians of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra began picketing Woodruff Arts Center, the 501(c)(3) non-profit which serves as the umbrella organization for the orchestra, the Alliance Theater and the Lical chapter of Young Audiences. Here are some photos from the morning commute time on Peachtree Street in from of WAC, in which Symphony Hall is located. (All photos, credit: Mark Gresham.)
ASO_picket MG_1990_small (credit Mark Gresham)

ASO_picket MG_2022_small (credit Mark Gresham)

ASO_picket MG_1956_small (credit Mark Gresham)

ASO_picket MG_1979_small (credit Mark Gresham)

ASO_picket MG_2026_small (credit Mark Gresham)

ASO_picket MG_2029_small (credit Mark Gresham)