AMP's Dantes Rameau in conversation with brothers Anthony and Demarre McGill.

Auspicious beginnings for Atlanta Music Project’s “The Next Movement” video series

Mark Gresham | 16 SEP 2020

On Sunday, September 6, the Atlanta Music Project launched the first episode of its new video series, The Next Movement. The second episode dropped just yesterday. Hosted by AMP co-founder and CEO Dantes Rameau, The Next Movement is proving itself an impressive endeavor, in terms of both content and production values. Each of these initial installments are nearly and hour and a half long. They each open with a lengthy, in-depth and informative conversation between Rameau and guest world-class artists, followed by a question and answer session with them involving AMP faculty and students before a brief wrap-up at the end.

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Unlike many hasty hip-pocket videos that have emerged during the pandemic, The Next Movement is cewry much a professional-grade production; its excellence creditable to the teamwork of producer Durand Bailey, editor Brandon Palmere, and Rameau who as host keeps the uninterrupted program organized and moving at a good pace. Even There is, of course, a short lead-in and credit trailer, but that continuous hour and a half in between, not split into segments, is an exceptionally long stretch of airtime to manage. Also worth mention is the show’s catchy theme music by Corey Jones, Jr. (aka KemistInTheLab) which sets the mood.

The primary online portal to The Next Movement series can be found on the AMP video page, but the episodes can also be found directly on YouTube. (Both are embedded below in this article.)


In the first episode, brothers Anthony McGill (principal clarinet, New York Philharmonic) and Demarre McGill (principal flute, Seattle Symphony) in which they briefly talk about how their professional lives have been impacted by the pandemic and then get into full swing where, as Rameau writes in a Facebook post, they “share how their upbringing on Chicago’s Southside set them up for success, discuss the dreaded orchestral audition process, and talk about what it’s like to be Black within the highest echelons of classical music.”

Episode 1: Anthony and Demarre McGill

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The second episode features cellist Johannes Moser, who also talks about the pandemic’s impact from the perspective of living in Vienna, Austria, being creative within constraints, the challenges of touring and travel even before the pandemic, while expressing both passion and optimism for his life and art.

Episode 2: Johannes Moser

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Well-established as a notable music education and outreach institution with over 10 years of success and growth, The Next Movement is the latest big feather in the organization’s cap. We truly look forward to what Rameau has in store for future episodes. ■

Episode 2: Dantes Rameau in conversation with cellist Johannes Moser. (screen capture)

Episode 2: Dantes Rameau in conversation with cellist Johannes Moser. (screen capture)