Chamber & Recital

Turumpeters Stuart Stephenson and Michael Tiscione flank organist Jens Korndörfer in Sunday's stream from First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta (video still)

Organ and trumpets make for a joyful afternoon live stream

Mark Gresham | 12 MAY 2020 Aside from the intimate chamberand solo recitals coming from musicians’ living rooms, Atlanta’s churches, not concert halls, may be the most likely larger, acoustically amiable places from which live-streamed video concerts emerge from […]

2019 Rapido! winner Brian Raphael Nabors (left) with Todd Skitch, Ted Gurch and Brad Ritchie of the Atlanta Chamber Players. (credit Greg Mooney)

Open for business: Rapido! Composition Contest registration begins

EarRelevant Staff | 20 APR 2020 Beginning today, Monday, April 20, composers who are United States residents will be able to register online to compete in the 2021 Rapido!® National Composition Contest. Originally scheduled to open on April 27, […]

Cellist André Laurent O’Neil. (source: InstantEancore)

CD Review: André Laurent O’Neil offers engaging, imaginative performances of Bach’s Cello Suites

Melinda Bargreen | 10 APR 2020 Inspiration, testing ground, source of endless beauty: J.S. Bach’s six Suites for Solo Cello occupy a unique pinnacle in the music world. From their earliest days, most cellists live with the Suites, developing […]

sandbox-Percussion (credit: Kjell van Sice)

CD Review: Sandbox Percussion shows its unique voice in “And That One Too”

Olivia Kieffer | 19 MAR 2020 On February 28, 2020, the New York quartet Sandbox Percussion released their debut album through Coviello Classics, And That One Too. The music on this album is both adventurous and listenable, and from […]

Violinist Helen Kim and pianist Robert Henry perform at Morgan Hall in KSU's Bailey Performance center. (source: video stream capture)

Video streaming provides easy access to recital by Kim and Henry as concerns over COVID-19 loom

Mark Gresham | 12 MAR 2020 With concern over spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus growing rapidly, video streaming of concerts has found yet another important reason for its contributions to the performing arts culture at large in addition to […]