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Want to help support EarRelevant? One way you can do so is through our GoFundMe Campaign.

Since mid-February 2019, EarRelevant has emerged as “Atlanta’s voice for classical and post-classical music.” Far beyond becoming a new, full-time platform for the writings of composer/music journalist Mark Gresham, it became a necessary vehicle for providing substantive coverage of the region’s classical music, post-classical music and opera.

This fundraising campaign provides baseline capital with which to sustain EarRelevant and the production of content while we build readership and other revenue sources. While not a non-profit, however, the work done by EarRelevant in public dissemination of music journalism itself benefits non-profits in the music genres listed above by continually informing their audiences and potential audiences in a consistent and substantive manner. With reviews, previews and topical articles in the channels of Symphony & Opera, Chamber Music & Recital, Media & Tech, the Composer’s Notebook (very personal observational essays of Mark Gresham) and news from the larger Arts Community.

Not only are we grateful for your support, but so will the various musical entities who gain public exposure through EarRelevant. Join me in this new adventure. To have 900 donors of $10 each would be exquisite, but you are welcome to donate more toward the goal, or even past it. And again: many, many thanks for your support.

~Mark Gresham – composer/ music journalist