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The Golden Bridge ensemble performs the world premiere of Melinda Bargreen’s “O Lord, Make Thy Servant Elizabeth.”

An EarRelevant Interlude, No. 6: O Lord, Make Thy Servant Elizabeth Our Queen

Mark Gresham | 3 JUL 2020 Number 6 in a series of audio and video presentations curated by by EarRelevant’s publisher and principal writer Mark Gresham as part of his “Composer’s Notebook.” Several of our writers are also composers, and […]

John Luther Adams, composer of "Become Desert." (source: YouTube)

CD/DVD Review: John Luther Adams’ “Become Desert”

Melinda Bargreen | 9 JUL 2019 First there was Become River, a 16-minute John Luther Adams chamber work commissioned by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Then there was Become Ocean, Adams’ soundscape of swirling waves and surging seas, premiered […]

Composer Elizabeth Vercoe (source: elizabethvercoe.com)

CD Review: “Butterfly Effects” reveals composer’s imaginative voice

Melinda Bargreen | 17 Jun 2019 In chaos theory, the “butterfly effect” is a condition in which a small change in one state can result in large differences later on. A distant butterfly flapping its wings could cause perturbations […]