Frank J. Oteri interviews composer George Walker For NewMusicBox, with Molly Sheridan behind the camera. (Photyo: Frank Schramm)

How to exist: 20 years of NewMusicBox

EarRelevant Staff | 28 MAY 2019

Web-based publications may be the norm today, but when NewMusicBox went live on May 1, 1999, it was a relative rarity. It is one example of longevity for a form of music journal in a virtual world where well-intended publications can easily come and go, be left unattended, or simply become obsolete.

Begun under the auspices of what was then the non-profit American Music Center, and now NewMusic USA, it remains one of the time-tested survivors of changes that have taken place in journalism and media over the last two decades, and remains an important public voice for new American music.

Read the story, How to exist: 20 years of NewMusicBox by Tim Rutherford-Johnson, on the NewMusicBox website. 

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