Klimchak is featured this Thursday in the Rialto Center's online "Homegrown Artists" series. (credit SHAMC)

Live video represents a significant shift in format for Klimchak

Mark Gresham | 01 JUL 2020

Innovative Atlanta-based composer and percussionist Klimchak will be featured this Thursday as part of the Rialto Center‘s virtual “Homegrown Artsts” series, which made its debut on Thursday, May 14.

The series was created to showcase local talent and offer hope and support to the Atlanta community by presenting a variety of free, short, virtual performances from the homes of local artists on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Klimchak’s performance, which can be viewed tomorrow at nooonvia the Rialto Center’s https://www.facebook.com/RialtoCenter/ Facebook page, represents a way he, like every other musician, is coming to grips with the artistic need to perform during the problematic pandemic. Klimchak wriotes in an e-mail to EarRelevant:

This video and the two commissioned videos I completed for the Far Out Nashville Festival shown on June 19 and 20th represent a big change in format for me. Since live performance is impossible in the current time, I’m gravitating toward live video as a way to satisfy my performative needs. These three videos are the beginning of a collaborative series with Anne Cox as the video and lighting designer. We hope to progress with more videos using green screen techniques and extreme lighting effects to blend with my skills as a performer.

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Klimchak is known for his improvisatory performances that combine throat-singing, theremin-playing, homemade percussion instrument-made music, and his “Homegrown” performance. Although it is not face-to-face with a live audience, the performance, you can expect the 17-minutes to be thoroughly Klimchakian. He offers the following description description:

My program is a live video of a single piece, “Hums and Tings.” I have been working on this piece for about nine months now. It’s a process piece with specific directions for my performance using a particular set of unusual instruments: my homebuilt Jal Tarang (a sort of xylophone made out of tuned rice bowls), crotales, Theremin, Tang-Tang, kalimba, penny whistle, kanjira and vocals. Instruments are manipulated with a laptop and a variety of sticks & mallets, including knitting needles, a pot scrubber, a child’s violin bow and a pair of personal massage units.

An archived playlist of past “Homegrown Artists” videos can be found on YouTube.

Learn m ore about Klimchak at klimchakmusic.com or follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KlimchakComposer. ■