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Earpiece #6: Carson Cooman, composer and organist

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Mark Gresham | 10 DEC 2020

Episode 6 of Earpiece, a new weekly series of audio and video presentations curated by EarRelevant’s publisher and principal writer Mark Gresham.

This week’s episode takes a look at YouTube videos which involve music making of organist and composer Carson cooman in both roles. First, as an organist, performing solo organ works written within the last four years by composers Mark Buller and Grimoaldo Macchia. Then a pair of works by Cooman himself, performed by organists David von Behre and Michael Calabri. For the grand finale, cooman performs one of his own works.

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Carson Cooman (b. 1982; Rochester, New York) is an American composer and organist. he is currently based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Although we have chosen to focus today on a few of his works for solo organ), as a composer  Cooman has a catalog of hundreds of works in many forms—from solo instrumental pieces to operas, and from orchestral works to hymn tunes.

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Cooman is an active organ recitalist specializing primarily in new music. He presents programs showcasing the diversity of organ music from the 20th and 21st centuries, featuring works of composers of many different nationalities. Engaging and interesting programs are constructed that appeal even to those audience members who may not think they are interested in new music.

All of the music presented below was written within the last four years. Listen below:

Carson Cooman, organist & composer

Mark Buller: Jubilate in tempore solitudinis (Quarantine Miniature No. 19) (2020)
Carson Cooman, organ. 2:15
Grimoaldo Macchia: Grimoaldo Macchia : Fantasia and Fugue on B-A-C-H (2017)
Carson Cooman, organ. 4:09
Carson Cooman: “Finale” from Toccata, Aria, and Finale, Op. 1184 (2017)
David von Behre. organ. 2:35
Carson Cooman: Five Preludes (2016)
Michael Calabris, organ. 16:32

Carson Cooman: Toccata in A (2018)
Carson Cooman, organ. 2:52
Playlist Duration: 32:03
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