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Good vibrations: EarRelevant moves editorial office

Mark Gresham | 26 AUG 2023

Atlanta, GA— The EarRelevant editorial office is moving! That’s why we took most of the week off and posted just one article this week, devoting our time to beginning the moving process. We expect to fully settle in the new and improved space by October 1.

In the meantime, our typical publication patterns will resume. The new season is on the way, so it was better to take a few days out of late August’s slower, sweltering days to start the transition.

Although the editorial office is moving, our secure shipping and postal address will remain the same (for now, at least).

Everything looks extremely promising as we approach our fifth anniversary in early 2024. Definitely, “good vibes” are generated in this transition. It’s very exciting and motivating!

  • SCH01 Balourdet Quartet with Jordan Bak, viola
  • SPI01_23-09-24-Inon-Barnatan
  • AD ECMSA 2023-24 season


About the author:
Mark Gresham is publisher and principal writer of EarRelevant. he began writing as a music journalist over 30 years ago, but has been a composer of music much longer than that. He was the winner of an ASCAP/Deems Taylor Award for music journalism in 2003.