Among the recipients of new grants from Intuit Mailchimp is The Atlanta Music Project, whose Youth Orchestra and Choir performed "The Star Spangled Banner" at the 2023 Mayor's Annual State of the City Business Breakfast on March 28, 2023, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. (image: YouTube)

Intuit Mailchimp grants $1 million in unrestricted funding to 10 Atlanta arts organizations.

EarRelevant Staff | 18 AUG 2023

Atlanta, GA— Atlanta-based marketing automation and email marketing platform Intuit Mailchimp celebrates the artistic essence of its home city by announcing a pledge of grants totaling $1 million to bolster 10 local arts organizations at $100,000 each.

In the wake of recent closures that have posed a significant threat to the local creative community’s sustenance, such as the Atlanta Lyric Theatre in early March of this year, the company is proactively stepping forward to enhance the city’s artistic resilience and foster growth.

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  • AD ECMSA 2023-24 season

Numerous arts organizations in Atlanta operate on tight budgets while dedicating their efforts to providing exceptional experiences for the community. However, they often grapple with financial constraints and strive to maintain operational stability. The challenges were further compounded by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many organizations susceptible and uncertain about their future.

By recognizing these organizations’ intrinsic value and respective impact on Atlanta’s cultural landscape, Mailchimp aims to empower and elevate the creative community through these grants. Each organization will be granted $100,000 without restrictions, a significant infusion of support to enhance their ongoing endeavors significantly, underscoring the company’s faith in the local creative economy’s potential to effect positive change, promote inclusivity, and elevate the overall quality of life for Atlanta residents.

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  • SCH01 Balourdet Quartet with Jordan Bak, viola
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The recipients of Mailchimp’s $1 million in grants include the following Atlanta-based arts organizations:

  • ArtsATL
  • Atlanta Contemporary
  • Atlanta Music Project
  • Dashboard
  • Living Walls
  • MODA
  • Moving in the Spirit
  • TILA Studios
  • True Colors Theatre

These grants reflect the company’s dedication to fostering a thriving creative economy while acknowledging that this is only a fraction of the support required for Atlanta’s creative ecosystem, positing that the Atlanta community can best collaboratively cultivate a future in which creativity flourishes, artists thrive, and communities prosper through the transformative force of the arts.

Lain Shakespeare, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Intuit Mailchimp, explains: “Creativity is an integral facet of Mailchimp’s brand and ethos. Small and medium-sized arts organizations form the core of Atlanta’s creative economy. Many of these entities are not just our customers and partners but also the very places where our employees volunteer. We take pride in propelling their prosperity and nurturing the growth of creative excellence within our hometown.”

For further information about Intuit Mailchimp’s “Give Where You Live” program, visit


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