Cross-blog event focuses on Minnesota Orchestra

By Mark Gresham | 2 Sep 2013 blogger Drew McManus wrote in a post this morning: “During a 2013 meeting of the Minnesota Orchestra Laureate Society, the orchestra’s President & CEO, Michael Henson, declared that ‘blogs are senseless and must be ignored.’ This comment was offered up within the context of the orchestra’s media coverage related to the season-long work stoppage.”

In response, fifteen music bloggers and music patrons who have followed the ongoing travails of the Minnesota Orchestra and its lockout decided to collectively engage in a “Minnesota Orchestra cross-blog event.” Five of the fifteen posts are by guest authors. All of the contributions are linked in the list below. McManus notes that “the authors encourage everyone to participate by sharing, commenting, or publishing something at your own culture blog.”

The ongoing year-long lockout of musicians in Minnesota and the inability of labor and management to come to a meaningful resolution has become a topic of nation-wide dialogue.