Jennifer Barlament, executive director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, is interviewed by Gail O'Neill for Collective Knowledge. (credit: Felipe Barral)

Collective Knowledge video series makes dubut

Mark Gresham | 14 MAY 2019

“Spreading knowledge is the most altruistic thing we can do as human beings” is the premise behind Collective Knowledge, a new video series from IGNI Productions which makes its debut this Thursday, May 16. Show creators Gail O’Neill and Felipe Barral have forged a series of half-hour conversations with Atlanta area thought leaders who impact its arts, culture and society, offering insights onto the mindsets, habits and daily practices that have contributed to their success.

While it’s easy to identify the people we respect, admire and want to emulate, trying to duplicate their habits, disciplines and daily practices that have led to their success can be far more challenging, because they often tend to be instinctive and remain unspoken. The creators of Collective Knowledge hope to reveal and elucidate those of their baker’s dozen interviewees and to remind viewers of their own potentials.


Season 1 of Collective Knowledge is comprised of 13 episodes, to be initially distributed on the THEA Network, YouTube, and The G Channel, with supplementary tips, behind-the-scenes sequences and video excerpts posted on social media, including the series’ Facebook page.

Here’s the official video trailer for Season 1, and below that the complete list of episodes and initial air dates:

Collective Knowledge, Season 1:

May 16, Episode 1: John Cary, writer, speaker and curator focused on social change with emphasis on design and philanthropy.
May 23, Episode 2: Susan Bennett, voice actor, singer, speaker and the original voice of Siri.
May 30, Episode 3: Ryan Gravel, urban thinker, author, founder of the Atlanta Beltline and founder of Generator.
June 6, Episode 4: Steve Nygren, founder and CEO of Serenbe.
June 13, Episode 5: Susan Booth, artistic director of the Alliance Theatre.
June 20, Episode 6: Keith Girard Robinson, event designer.
June 27, Episode 7: John Welker, co-founder, dancer and director of Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre.
July 4 , Episode 8: Chester Asher, former executive director at Chattahoochee Hills Charter School.
July 11, Episode 9: Karen Schwartz, visual artist and psychologist.
July 18, Episode 10: Will Johnston, executive director at MicroLife Institute.
July 25 , Episode 11: Larry M Walker, visual artist, mentor and retired art professor.
August 1, Episode 12: Jennifer Barlament, executive director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
August 8, Episode 13: Dr. Gerald Durley, retired pastor and renowned speaker on environmental, civil
and human rights issues.
Gail O'Neill (left) interviews visual artist and psychologist Karen Schwartz. (credit: Felipe Barral / IGNI PRoductions)

Gail O’Neill (left) interviews visual artist and psychologist Karen Schwartz. (credit: Felipe Barral / IGNI PRoductions)


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