Dorothy & Cary lewis, cello/piano duo (courtesy of the artosts)

Earpiece #5: Dorothy & Cary Lewis play music of Edwin C. Robertson

Mark Gresham | 03 DEC 2020

Episode 5 of Earpiece, a new weekly series of audio and video presentations curated by EarRelevant’s publisher and principal writer Mark Gresham.

This week’s episode features cello/piano duo Dorothy & Cary Lewis in a recording of music by Edwin C. Robertson from their 1989 album, Music of Southern Composers.

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Edwin C. Robertson was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1938. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in music from the University of Richmond, did additional study at the University of Virginia and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MCM), and earned his Doctor of Music degree in composition at Florida State University. He has studied composition with John Boda and Thea Musgrave. He is now a Professor Emeritus of music at University of Montevallo (Alabama).

Music for Cello and Piano was completed in 1986 and was premiered in March 1987 by Dorothy and Cary Lewis. Each of its four movements employs a different kind of relationship between the two instruments. While each movement has its own distinctive character, there is a kinship among the movements as a result of motivic material which is common to all four. Listen below:

Dorothy Lewis, cello & Cary Lewis, piano
Edwin Robertson: Music for Cello and Piano
   I. Moderately
   II. Lively
   III. Somewhat slowly, with an ethereal quality
   IV. With energy

Total Duration: 15:26
Audio used by permission.

About the performers: Cellist Dorothy Lewis and pianist Cary Lewis were founding members of The Lanier Trio, first with violinist William Steck then with violinist William Preucil. They also founded the Atlanta chamber music organization Musica da Camera, Inc. in 1980 and were a prominent, active force in Atlanta’s chamber music scene. They now reside in Portland, Oregon.

Listen to more recordings by Dorothy & Cary Lewis on the YouTube channel Lanier Trio & Friends

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