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Earpiece #7: Beth Levin plays Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier”

Mark Gresham | 17 DEC 2020

Episode 7 of Earpiece, a new weekly series of audio and video presentations curated by EarRelevant’s publisher and principal writer Mark Gresham.

This week’s episode features pianist Beth Levin in a live recording of Beeethoven’s Sonata (“Hammerklavier”) for piano. The same recording appears as the title track of her new album, Hammerklavier Live, which was released on November 20 on the Gramola Records. The album also includes solo keyboard works by Georg Friedrich Händel and contemporary Swedish composer Anders Eliasson.

We don’t really know when Beethoven was born, but it was most likely December 16, because we do know that his baptism was on December 17 – which, serendipitously, is also Levin’s birthday. So we celebrate here the births of both composer and performer in this Earpiece episode.

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Completed in 1818, the Hammerklavier is one of the greatest sonatas in all of piano repertoire, and Beethoven’s most technically challenging composition for solo piano as well as one of the most musically demanding

Listen below:

Beth Levin plays Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier” live

Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 29 in B♭ major, Op. 106
   I. Allegro
   II. Scherzo: Assai vivace
   III. Adagio sostenuto
   IV. Introduzione: Largo; Allegro – Fuga: Allegro risoluto

Total Duration: 46:37
Audio used by permission.

About the performer: Brooklyn-based pianist Beth Levin is a bold interpreter of challenging works, from the Romantic canon to leading modernist composers.

Debuting as a child prodigy with the Philadelphia Orchestra at age twelve, Levin was subsequently taught and guided by legendary pianists such as Rudolf Serkin, Leonard Shure and Dorothy Taubman.

Learn more at: www.bethlevinpiano.com

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