Jennifer Barlament, Executive Director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra., in interviewed by Gail O'Neill for the "Collective Knowledge" video series. (credit: Felipe Barral)

Atlanta Symphony’s Jennifer Barlament featured in this week’s episode of Collective Knowledge

EarRelevant Staff | 1 AUG 2019

“Spreading knowledge is the most altruistic thing we can do as human beings,” say Gail O’Neill and Felipe Barral, co-creators of Collective Knowledge, an original video series of half-hour conversations with thought leaders, offering insights onto the mindsets, habits and daily practices that have contributed to their success.

Produced by IGNI Productions, Season 1 of Collective Knowledge made its debut on May 16th, with new episodes posted each Thursday for a total of 13 episodes. The series is initially being distributed on the THEA Network, The series’ YouTube channel and on the G Channel, with supplementary tips, behind-the-scenes sequences and excerpted videos propagated on social media.


This week’s episode is the penultimate of the season and features a casual conversation with Jennifer Barlament, executive director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, about music, life and symphony orchestras.

Released today, EarRelevant readers can access and view it on the THEA Network or watch the YouTube video embedded below: